Lemon Law Attorneys in California

What Hire a California Lemon Law Attorney?

Big manufacturers have a responsibility to honor their warranties, especially if a vehicle they manufactured is a lemon. When a consumer has experienced repeated problems and has not been able to resolve the problems after a reasonable number of repair attempts, the consumer has rights. The California Lemon Law is there to protect consumers, however, it is complicated. An experienced lemon law attorney can help a consumer navigate the complexities to better assist in getting what they deserve.

What Constitutes a Vehicle as a Lemon?

That is where the complexities start. There is no exact formula that is easy to understand. Every case may be unique and require someone who has experience to determine if you have a case. The number of repair attempts matter but there is no set number. It is usually two or more but in some cases, it may be less. If you have a lemon vehicle, it is important to establish your history immediately. Do not wait to bring the vehicle in for initial repair. Do it right away to establish a timeline.

How Much Does a Lemon Lawyer Cost?

You only pay if we win your case. And, there is no initial fee for consultation.

What Should I Do if My Car is a Lemon?

Contact an experienced lemon law attorney to schedule a consultation. An experienced attorney can better know if you have a case, based on your specific facts. You should also keep accurate records and establish a history. Track things like dates and save every work order and any paperwork the dealer has given you. Also, keep notes on what you are told, who told you and when they told you something.

If you feel you have a car that is a lemon and you need help, contact a lemon law lawyer today to get help with your lemon car.